Can be applied to the target area at any time.
Simply apply to retouch gray hair roots.

Gray hair root retouch

Gray hair root retouch created using technologies for felt]tip markers.
Two types are available – one which adds hair dye with each use,
and the other is a temporary coloring agent that can be washed off with shampoo.
Finished products including liquid content are provided.
(*) Containers only cannot be provided.

UC-87 series









Designed to avoid staining the scalp

The comb prevents the liquid-soaked core from staining the scalp.
It is designed to be used easily even without a mirror.

Two types of liquid content

Temporary coloring agent type

This type can be used just before going out and can be washed off with shampoo.

A resin containing pigment coats the surface of the hair. This coloring agent is safe, yet excellently retouches any gray hair. (It does not dye gray hair.)

Accumulated hair dye type

This can be used every day before going out to gradually dye onefs gray hair.

The hair absorbs the liquid, and is dyed as the dyeing agent penetrates the cuticles. This hair dye is safer than hair coloring.


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