About us

About us

Shift from “writing on paper”
to “drawing on the skin”

Unicosmo applies writing material technologies based on Mitsubishi Pencil's world-class writing instrument
to develop and manufacture cosmetics.
We provide high quality products through integrated development and manufacturing of brushes, liquid content, and containers.



Unicosmo’s Container Design Department, which has superior know-how for sealing and insertion properties and discharge mechanism, and Prescription Development Department, which has pigment dispersion technology as proved by water-based ballpoint pens and markers, such as Signo and POSCA, closely cooperate with customers for manufacturing and development under Mitsubishi Pencil's full backup system.


Unicosmo provides unique pen-type cosmetics and cosmetic containers to which writing material technologies are applied.
Each shape is specially designed. When we supply empty packages and customers fill own liquid content, the match of the container and liquid content needs to be carefully evaluated.
Unicosmo has established a full support system for such cases.
(*) Please contact us for enquiries about technical services, such as the development or selection, etc., of requested containers or applicators.

“Safe,” “Secure,” “High quality”

Our cosmetics factory implements superior microbial measures, features clean rooms and other manufacturing facilities with full consideration for hygiene, and an inspection system that ensures the highest quality based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act.
Unicosmo has both a license for the manufacture and sales of cosmetics, and has a license to manufacture cosmetics.

JQA-QM8011 群馬工場IQ-Net



Production system

Container manufacturing
Manufacturing/filling liquid content
License for both manufacturing and sales of cosmetics, and a license for manufacturing cosmetics have been acquired based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act.
Quality assurance
ISO 9001 certification has been acquired by the Unicosmo Gunma factory.
(Note) Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act
“The Law on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices”

Key unique technology (Mitsubishi Pencil)

Container design/development
- Injection molding, blow molding, metal processing
- Applicator (brushes, felt-tip, sponges, etc.)
- Design (airtightness, long shaft, insertion, etc.)
- Surface decoration (transfer printing, hot stamping, silk printing, vapor deposition, coating, etc.)
Manufacturing technologies
- Pigment dispersion, emulsification, bulk, microbial control, ceramics, pencils
Mass production
The required production facility is designed/manufactured by Mitsubishi Pencil, so production systems that suit the customer’s requirements can be established.