Wide range of technologies accumulated over many years through the development of writing materials is now applied to Unicosmo’s cosmetics products.

From writing on “paper”
to drawing on “skin”

Development of applicators

Products are developed based on know-how accumulated through a variety of writing implements, such as felt-tip markers, brush pens, and ballpoint pens.
We also develop brushes by ourselves under the supervision of craftsmen, so as to provide a comfortable touch to the skin.

  • アプリケーター
  • アプリケーター
  • アプリケーター

Superior coloration
and waterproofness

Development of liquid content

Liquid content is uniquely developed for cosmetics that can be used with pen-type containers by applying ink development and manufacturing technology centered on pigment dispersion for ballpoint pens and felt-tip markers, etc.
We seek constant improvements for the best performance.

Mechanism designed for
“appropriate amount,” “fixed volume,” and “accuracy.”

Mechanism development

Containers incorporating airtight design technology that prevents the ink from drying up are developed.
Designed to apply just the right amount depending on the fluid’s viscosity and purpose.
We value size and design that is comfortable to hold, as proven through technologies accumulated through writing implement development.

  • ペン先
  • ペン先
  • 手にフィットするサイズ感やデザイン

Introduction of our products

Eyeliner/Eyebrow pens

Pen-type products forcusing on liquid eyeliner with superior coloring and water resistance. Finished products including liquid content are provided.


Gray hair root retouch

Two types are available – one which adds hair dye with each use, and the other is a temporary coloring agent that can be washed off with shampoo. Finished products including liquid content are provided.


Empty pen type packages

Empty pen type packages are also available. Please choose the best container size/applicator from our lineup which fits the purpose and the image of your product.



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